Our first clinical goal is the early detection of lung cancer

As most cancers can be recognized by T cells, our technology may support liquid biopsy early detection applications across various tumor types. We focus initially on lung cancer, as it is the #1 cause of cancer death and diagnosed usually at an advanced stage.

Increase eligibility for screening with low-dose CT

Nearly half of lung cancer cases occur in individuals who are not eligible for screening with currently available low-dose CT (LDCT) scans.

Provide an alternative to low-dose CT

Liquid biopsy may be a valuable alternative for individuals that are unwilling or unable to undergo screening with LDCT. Almost 15M Americans are eligible for annual screening, but fewer than 10% undergo this test.

Evaluate indeterminate pulmonary nodules

For individuals who undergo lung cancer screening or receive chest CT scans for another reason, a significant clinical issue is estimating the likelihood of malignancy of intermediate sized nodules that are found. A liquid biopsy capable of detecting early-stage cancer is valuable in this important context with >1.5M pulmonary nodules found per year in the U.S.

Serum seeks to address these applications in partnership with other liquid biopsy developers or as internally developed tests

Additionally, Serum is investigating applications of TCR RFU liquid biopsy in other key indications, including colorectal cancer where an immune-based approach may be particularly important for the detection of pre-cancerous polyps.